Spica stands for
Freedom to create,
passion and love for what we do, 
respect for our planet and all of its beings,
being inspired by what you see and what you wear. 
Handcrafted in Tijuana, Mexico each Spica piece is unique in its shape and texture. 
Spica uses more than 90% Mexican sterling silver. We search worldwide for our semi-precious gems, stones and wood. 

For sisters Gabriela and Lorena Fuentes, Spica sees each piece as uniquely to you, as the billions of stars in our night sky are to each other. 

Thank you so much for visiting us. We hope our pieces light up your imagination and the way your accessorize. 

If you're interested in purchasing custom pieces please email at:

Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and the 15th brightest star in the night sky. It is a blue giant and a variable star of the Beta Cephei type located 260 light years from Earth